In the month of June, focus groups are due to be held in Stara Zagora, Harmanli and Sofia to assess the training needs of professionals working in different units of the child protection system. They are organized by the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation /WCIF/ with the help of the Education trade union at PODKREPA Confederation of Labour.

The results of these focus groups and in-depth interviews with experts from all the listed units in the child protection system will be used as a basis for the preparation of the strengthen project training programme.

Dates for the focus groups:

16th June20202 – Stara Zagora;

17th June 2020 – Harmanli;

25th June 2020 - Sofia.

The project "Strengthening the child protection system in Bulgaria by building the capacity of professionals from the spheres of social services, education and police force" /Strengten/ was created on the initiative of the "Workshop for Civic Initiatives" Foundation /WCIF/, in partnership with the State Agency for Child Protection and the Education trade union at PODKREPA Confederation of Labour with a starting date of April 1st , 2020 and a duration of 24 months. The project is co-financed under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union.