Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation - WCIF is established in 2001. The idea for its founding was born after four years of work of the British Charity Know How Fund Program "Knowledge, Success, Change". The team implementing this program in Bulgaria decided to create a Bulgarian organization through which to build on the results achieved and develop new opportunities to work with civic groups and organizations in the country.

The work of WCIF has its place in the process of development of Bulgarian society in the long term. The initiatives it develops and supports reclaim a forgotten idea – the idea that individual responsibility, trust, care and philanthropy are essential for living in a free and democratic society.

„Education“ trade union at „Podkrepa" Confederation of Labor

„Education“ trade union at „Podkrepa" Confederation of Labor is established in December 1989 right after the democratic changes in Bulgaria. With its nearly 20 years of history, it has established itself as a corrective to state policy in the field of education and earned its worthy place in the socio-political life of the country.

The primary objective and main activity of the trade union is to protect the right, dignity and professional interests of its members. It also works for democratic change, humane and void of ideology education in Bulgaria through amendments of the legislation, management and leadership of the education system.

State Agency for child protection

The State Agency for child protection is established on the basis of Child Protection Act in 2000 at the Council of Ministers and began its activities on 01.01.2001. The Agency is the only specialized body of the Council of Ministers for managing, coordination and monitoring of state policies with respect to child protection in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The agency's activity is aimed at all children in the Republic of Bulgaria and their families, working for the best interests of each child and forming a priority public interest in building a quality generation.