Coordination mechanism against violence 2010

"The Agreement on cooperation and coordination of the work of the territorial structures of child protection authorities in cases of children, victims of violence or at risk of violence and crisis intervention", regulates the specific obligations for interaction of the child protection authorities involved at national and local level in cases of children at risk – victims of violence or in cases, where crisis intervention is needed.

The aim of the Agreement is to pool resources and efforts between the Parties in order to ensure an effective system of interaction with a view to ensuring respect for children's rights; agree on all aspects of the Coordination Mechanism; clarify and allocate the rights, obligations, procedures and approaches of participants in the implementation of the Coordination Mechanism; regulate relations between the parties with a view to establishing multidisciplinary teams at local level, with the Centre Social Assistance Directorate/Child Protection Department (DPS/DPAs)/which include representatives of the executive and local authorities.

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